|| Our Aims & Ideals


     Committed to encourage student-centered independent learning through 21st century learning skills provided by qualified, experienced faculty.
Molding students to be global citizens developing integrity and humane values with a willingness to serve humanity in the neighborhood and internationally. Students learn to respect and imbibe the culture and values of ismalic and our home land, India.
To inspire students to adopt, innovate and be creative in a rapidly progressing technological world. To practice, and inculcate a sustainable habit of living, appreciating the magnificent, the Almighty for our beautiful lives and to face the challenges of this test to get the ultimate good result in the hereafter.


  • Promote academic excellence through innovation, research and entrepreneurship and character education at par with international standards.
  • Provide a happy,safe and inclusive environment that permit all students to progress.
  • Respect value and practice the progressive Islamic culture.
  • To come out stronger as a student, an achiever, a trend setter, a human and a MUSLIM.


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