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Mr. Khalid Khan
(Managing Director)

      Our School's Founder, Mr. Khalid Khan, who has guided and shaped the school from its initial budding stages to present day glory, is a man possessing deep belief in Allah (SWT) along with qualities of determination, perseverance, dedication and leadership. He has been the main motivational force behind all our endeavours and strides in the academic field.
Born in the early sixties, in the small town of Shahjahanpur, in north-western Uttar Pradesh, he graduated from Islamia Inter College in 1980. At the age of 17, he was selected by the Indian Air Force and inducted in the Hockey Team of the Training Command, for his excellence in the sport at state level Hockey tournaments. During his tenure at the Air Force, he played for and represented the teams of Services Jr (Combined team of Army, Navy and Air Force) as captain, Training Command, Central Air Command and the Indian Air Force at various sporting events and championships.
Along with his career in the Air Force, Mr. Khalid Khan further augmented his education with various courses offered by different universities across India. He currently holds the bachelor’s degrees in Education, Human Resource Development and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration under his belt.
With an early retirement from the Air Force at a young age of 32, Mr. Khan embarked on a journey to uplift and educate the Muslim community, for which he toured and analysed numerous schools and educational institutions in different countries and interacted with experts to gain insights in the modern teaching methods and curricula of Islamic schools.
With this objective in mind, St. Haris High School was inoculated in the year 1999, and has since been serving the students from the community. To imbibe the Islamic ethos among the students, provisions for congregational prayers, Nazra Quran and Tahfeez are made within the school itself. Later down the years, a girl’s college was also established and is functioning for the education of Muslim girls.
Apart from his time and devotion to the school and the attached girl’s college, Mr. Khalid Khan also contributes articles avidly to a variety of magazines and periodicals. He also conducts talks and symposia for motivating students and helping them nurture their talents and develop into good and responsible humans beneficial to the society, as well as preparing them for the ‘Aakhirah’.


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