|| Uniform
Uniform is compulsory for all students. No student will be allowed in the school premises without proper school uniform.
All Students will attend School in proper prescribed uniform :

Boys :
Half sleeved Green terrycot shirt with school logo on the pocket and green terrycot full pant as approved.

- P. T. Uniform : White full pant with white shirt, as approved. pant as approved.
Girls : Green terrycot dress with Scarf as per approved Pattern.

- P. T Uniform : White uniform as approved.
Necktie & Socks: Green tie as approved and plain white socks.

Shoes : Plain Black (all season) shoes for Boys and Girls.
On P.T. Days white canvas shoes are to be worn..
Hair-Boys : Boys should get their hair cut short a little above the ear lobes. Hair should not touch the collar or the eyebrow.
Hair-Girls : Girls must have their hair plaited or tied back, if reaches the shoulders ribbons are to be worn, they must be white. No fancy hair clips to be worn.
Winter Uniform : All students will wear only maroon coloured sweater with school logo on School Uniform during winter season. No other colour sweater/warm clothing will be allowed during school hours.
Wearing a clean and well ironed uniform is compulsory for every student. Any student who comes to school without uniform or whose appearance is untidy will be punished and is liable to be sent home.


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